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Old 22 rifle identification

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Thanks to several readers, I have some more material on the Swiss ZfK sniper rifle today. Next up, we have a couple manuals for the rifle. The first is a basic operation manual printed in German in , right after the rifle was adopted. The 42 version used a 1. Of course, it also mentions that one of the requirements for a marksman to qualify as a sniper is to make a first-round hit on a roughly 7 inch square target at m.

Not a trivial shot! The Rexim-Favor was a Spanish-made, Swiss-marketed, and allegedly French-designed submachine gun produced during the s. Only about were made in total, as the gun failed to procure any significant military or police contracts. Mechanically, […]. These ultimately found no commercial or military sales, although the related […]. The Swiss SIG factory was one of the earliest producers of semiautomatic military rifles, having produced the M Mondragon rifles for Mexico.

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Manufacturers Mauser Rifles Chilean Rifle. Location: Steyr, Austria. Mauser Military, Automatic 7. Waffenfabrik Steyr 7 MM bolt rifle. Oesterr waffenfabr ges. In , the German army bought the Mauser design and its 7. Category Deactivated. Results filtered by. Scroll down to products. The gun was later modified by adding a high front sight and an M tangent rear sight.

Frommer pistol as a side arm Figs.

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Kar Zielfernrohr-Karabiner 55 Sniper Rifle. The Swiss nation has always held the sport of shooting in high esteem. Those partaking of shooting sports, of all disciplines, are understood to be perfectly normal, socially acceptable and patriotic persons, rather than the near pariahs with violent or warlike tendencies that they might unjustly be considered in some quarters of the World. The Swiss Government has, for decades, considered that every national should take part in the sport with a view to ensuring the security of the nation in the event of any outside aggression.

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The point of Impact will be on the right edge of the 1″ paster and it will remain so out to 1, yards. No need to zero the POI on the bullseye. If you can tell the difference beyond yards, you’re a much better shot than I am, Gunga Dihn. LOL Whatever scope you choose, remember that the lower and closer to the axis of the bore, the better.

Swiss Schmidt-Rubin rifles do not have the date of manufacture stamped on , K31 Carbine series, ordered by KTA for KMV.

In , Switzerland adopted a new rifle to replace its aging Vetterli rifles which in their day had been at the cutting edge of small arms design, but had been in service since The Schmidt-Rubin design adopted used a straight-pull action which was cycled simply by pulling back and pushing forward the bolt. The rifle fed from a six round box magazine which was loaded using a durable resin coated cardboard charger which was cleverly designed with a cutout to allow rapid loading.

This gave the rifle an overall length of The rifle was manufactured to tight tolerances making it extremely accurate – capable of tight groups at extended ranges. This was an important aspect for the Swiss, as marksmanship was their first priority. In , the inherent accuracy of the K31 allowed the Swiss to outfit a number of the rifles with telescopic sights for use in sniper roles. While a small number were also issued to Pontifical Swiss Guards in the s. In recent years the rifles have become an extremely popular military surplus rifle with collectors admiring the novelty of the smooth straight-pull bolt and excellent accuracy.

Image One Source. Image Two Source. Karabiner Modell K31 In , Switzerland adopted a new rifle to replace its aging Vetterli rifles which in their day had been at the cutting edge of small arms design, but had been in service since

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Updated: August 24, am. Please support us by subscribing or making a contribution. Each produced what I immediately recognized as a World War II vintage rifle, and they definitely weren’t American made. Just over a half-million of them were made through the World War II years and they were the primary service rifle of the Swiss armed forces until the Sig replaced them in the late 50s. When it comes to engineering, the Swiss are usually leaders and the rest of the world watches and learns.

David Orten, the gun expert I was shooting with, compared one of the 7.

The Karabiner Model (K31) is a magazine-fed, straight-pull bolt action rifle. It was the standard issue rifle of the Swiss armed forces from until Country, Organization name, Quantity, Date, Reference. Switzerland, Swiss.

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Swiss K31/42 and K31/43 Sniper Rifles